Saturday 6 August 2016

Out Again

Today we called in at Aldi.  I wanted some of their diet cola and some jelly.  A lot more ended up in the trolley, of couse, but that is to be expected.  It wasn't that much more and could have been a lot worse.  Then we went to a Farm Shop.  We had a little look around, picked up a few bits, but I had to be realistic.  I am useless with my freezer.  Things go in there and are never used.  It doesn't help that I do not entirely trust my freezer.  Bear and DH had lovely, proper sausages for dinner and we are having bacon chops tomorrow night.

I have to reluctantly accept that I cannot be trusted in an actual, real shop.  My impulse control is very poor.  We have decided we need to call in on Aldi on a regular basis, but I will need to be very careful.

Regardless, tomorrow I will be making jelly with fruit in, as bear saw it and thought it an excellent idea.  It will make a nice change.

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  1. Grocery stores are laid out in a manner that is designed to tempt the shopper to spend more money. So don't feel too bad about impulse shopping.