Monday 1 August 2016


Bear had a football camp this morning, 9.30 to 12.30.  It is a little tight going back home and then out again to pick him up, so I had a long walk around town.  I went far further than I have been for years and my legs hurt.  I did manage a sit down here, next to the red hot pokers.  I'm not sure of their proper name, but that's what my grandmother called them, she really did love them.

Bear had an amazing time.  When I picked him up he was pink in the face, covered in muck and wearing a captain's arm band.  He can't wait until tomorrow - except I am forcing him to go on the bus.  We took a taxi this morning, as the camp is at the University and I wasn't sure how long it would take us to get there or where exactly on the large camp we needed to be.  It cost £9, including a tip.  Bear very much prefers a taxi.  He can prefer it all he likes, he is still getting the bus.

Mind you, if we had gone straight home he would not have talked me into buying him a large meat subway, so it may have actually been cheaper overall to get the taxi, but we will stick to the bus.

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  1. Those flowers have several names, but red hot pokers is one of them. Looks like a very nice spot in which to sit and rest. Glad to hear that Bear had a good time at football camp.