Sunday 14 August 2016


We had an awesome barbecue at my brother's house yesterday.  It was a good do, very relaxed and good company.  My brother fosters rescue dogs and one got very growly at bear, so bear was unimpressed, but he very much enjoyed all the food.

Actually bear had a busy day.  He picked up some stuff in the morning, went to his awesome maths tutor afterwards, then had a very relaxed (with barking intervals) barbecue with an indulgent uncle.

We started reading The Hobbit last night.  I'm a bit concerned it's too old for him, as the language seems very different.  Bear has grown up in the era of Buffy-style snappy one liners and short sentences.  The slower, more complex language in Tolkein is a challenge.  I don't want him to be put off.  We shall see how it goes.

As for the pals eating here, well, I just go with the flow.  Due to situations with neighbours I can't invite a lot of bear's pals around like I did last summer, so it's just one or two that call.  When bear goes somewhere else I insist that he minds his manners, doesn't take advantage and lets me know where he is or else!  Some of his pals that call have the same rule.  Some have less structured lives and if they are here when I feed bear then I feed them as well.  I've tried to make sure I have phone numbers for the parents of visitors, but I've never managed 100% success rate.

So I provide food, drink, snacks, plasters, arbitration and an admiring audience and let them get on with it.

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