Tuesday 30 August 2016

One Week Left

DH is back at work today.  Bear has one more week before school.  I will be sort of glad that he's back, though it's going to be interesting.  There are some difficult characters in bear's class, though his teacher is incredibly awesome.  We are waiting until the very last minute to get his shoes, in the fervent hope that his feet stay the same size for a couple of weeks afterwards.  I shall also need to pick up two pairs of trainers (home and school) and some pumps.  I suspect he needs a new coat.  I'll have to check that out, but it is not urgent.  It's not that cold yet so he can use the current jacket until it gets frosty, and the old one still fits him - just!  He's had two years out of this one, and two years out of the one before.  I will see what's out there.  However this time I'll check it will tumble dry.  I don't want to spend my time once again desperately hanging the muddy coat in front of a dehumifier to get the mud dry enough to brush off (in lumps) and then putting on the quickest wash that will work and then hanging it inside out in front of the dehumidifer again while keeping everything crossed it will get dry by morning.

I'm missing the days when I could get a bundle from eBay for pennies and he would outgrow it before it was worn out.  Now things are looking a lot more expensive and I don't suppose that will change.  I am dreading the thought of brands.  However as bear is watching Eat Well for Less and Shop Well for Less with a strong opinion on not spending so much then I am hopeful he will insist on a bargain.  If that's the only life skill he gets from me, it won't be a bad one.

I don't need to get a new backpack as last year's is still good, as is the bookbag.  We have plenty of pens and pencils and as yet he doesn't need much else.

Now I need to console bear as nothing needs chopping for tonight's dinner.

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  1. Aw, have him chop some fruit for a fruit salad for dessert or snacking. :)