Sunday 29 October 2017

Bear Likes Halloween

DH has carved a pumpkin successfully (there is a face and no fingers were lost during the process).  Also bear tried on Halloween makeup...

He's actually quite a good looking lad underneath that! 

The next challenge is to get all the make up off him before school tomorrow. 


  1. Great photo! I loved Halloween when my kids were little as we didn't do it in England when I was a child. We had lots of fun Trick or Treating in rain, snow, cold and warm.

  2. Oh Wow! Very well done makeup job. Yea you! I'm guessing he's in Zombie mode? btw...I've never carved a pumpkin. Hubby and son always carved the pumpkins and I never knew what they were suppose to be. The son had rather had pumpkin pie than a rotting pumpkin sitting on the steps. ;)