Thursday, 5 October 2017

Getting Ready to Snuggle

I didn't get out today. 

But I did start getting ready for the autumn nights.  I've replaced the pillows on all beds, which was overdue, and I swapped the old mattress toppers on mine and DH's beds for new ones and also swapped the duvets.  I'm going to have to get rid of my old bedding.  The sort of eczema I've had over the last few years has taken a toll.  However I'm going to take DH's bedding to get washed and I'll stash it.  It will be great for spares or, if the winter gets really cold, I'll layer the old duvets under the sheets and put extra blankets on top.  I really recommend a blanket of sorts under the bottom sheet in cold weather.  It makes a surprising difference.  

I have a very large heap of blankets anyway.  Some are those I've knitted and some have been acquired over the years.  I'm very keen on using blankets before fires this winter.  I just need to get the curtains sorted.  It's not going to be this weekend, and next weekend I hope to be away, but the weekend after I hope to hang the winter curtains which are duvet covers with heading tape sewn on and lined with fleece kept in place by fabric glue and a few stitches.  I still need to line them, but it's not that complicated (I hope!).  

I'm feeling cautiously optimistic about getting ready for winter.  The window in the junk room really needs to be replaced, and the windows in the living room and study are heading there, but otherwise the windows and doors are snug, there are plenty of blankets, the boiler is getting serviced soon and I feel that we are ready to settle in. 

Thank you for the support.  It means a great deal to me.


  1. Sounds like you've been busy! It's still not cold enough here to get out the warmer sheets - but I'm sure it will be soon! Our windows need to be replaced. We're FINALLY getting the living room and the smaller dining room ones done in a couple of weeks. We have two large windows in the dining room and kitchen that will be done in the spring. I'm sure having new windows will help with the heating bills.

  2. Sounds like your home is going to be nice and snug in the winter. I used to do the blanket under the sheet when we lived in Hong Kong and Taiwan - homes there are not heated and, although it didn't get cold enough for snow, it got cold in the unheated homes. Thank you for the reminder - I am going to do that, this year, to try and keep the thermostat lower in winter. Hope you have a good weekend and take care.

  3. I like the cosines of winter - curtains drawn, lamps and the fire lit, boots and thick black tights - but not the potential snow and ice. Autumn is my favourite time of year. I've just started using my hot water bottle.