Wednesday 18 October 2017

Parent's Evening

Bear had his parents' evening tonight.  He got a very good report and will be getting a reward this time. 

I don't want to take bear for granted, but there was a hint of 'same old, same old'.  For the last few years the reports have been the same - he is significantly above expected levels across the board, his behaviour is fine, his handwriting is awful and the teacher has had to google something bear has told them and found that it was right.  This year it was apparently a town in Norway.  I hadn't heard of it either.

Bear has not got a large part in the school play and is very disappointed that he only has a few lines, but I pointed out that he passed the grammar school tests and some of his pals didn't.  I had an uncomfortable encounter tonight with a mum who's son didn't and had no idea what to say. 

Bear's handwriting is a thing of wonder and has been all the way through school.  He'll produce an awful scrawl, get pulled up about it, he'll reform his writing and then it will slide into a different type of awful.  His teacher has offered to send home sheets so fingers crossed he will crack it this time.  I hope that a lot of stuff is typed in high school. 


  1. With how Bear is academically I wouldn't worry too much about his handwriting. My middle son's handwriting is terrible. He had Aspergers and his fine motor skills aren't great. He wrote for the school newspaper and his university newspaper and actually has an editing job at a newspaper. I think in today's world so much is typed. When he was in high school my son was allowed to type his papers and it worked better for everyone!

    Glad Bear's report was great!

  2. I work in a Solicitors - all the legal advisors have law degrees - none of them have good handwriting - I can't read any of it - thank goodness for typed file notes and dictation. I wouldn't worry too much.

  3. Maybe Bear will grow up to be a doctor. Aren't doctors supposed to have the most awful of scrawls?