Monday 23 October 2017

Fail Costs me Money

I've had another fail getting out of the house.  I just can't do it.  I can do it sometimes but mainly if it involves bear.  I can do all sorts of things with him.  Today we met up with his pal and his pal's mum and sister and went to the Knit and Natter and had a great time.  It may have only been in the church at the end of the road, but it was possible.  On our way home we went around twenty yards further out and had bear's hair cut which was well overdue. 

Later in the day bear got an invite to a birthday party the day after tomorrow.  I don't have a card in.  I couldn't bring myself to go just ten minutes away (at a very moderate pace) to go into a shop to get a card.  I just couldn't get out of the house for that.

I ended up ordering a card from Amazon - not the least expensive way to buy a card!  And because the card was an 'add-on' and I needed to buy extra stuff to get the next day delivery I ended up putting some bits for Christmas on the order.  The card sort of cost me over £20!  I know that the stuff I put in the order to make it up will be great for bear at Christmas, but I really resent that a dippy fit cost me money.  At least I'll be able to get out of the house on Wednesday to drop bear off and pick him up.  Ironically the way to the pal's house is actually past the shop where I would have bought the card. 

Also the house is full of those tiny fruit flies.  Tomorrow I am going to pull the kitchen apart.  I need to revisit  'Dinner at Dark' which, despite being a novella about supernatural goings on in an isolated house, had some good advice about getting rid of fruit flies. 

I had so much fun writing it.  If I can get writing again then I'm confident I will get a lot more done!


  1. Small glass jar, fill half way with apple cider vinegar. Punch a hold in the lid with a small hole will do it. Flies will be attracted but not be able to get out.
    Barb from Canada

  2. It's not a fail if you manage to get some other bits, including stuff for Christmas; that's being organized and planing ahead for the holidays. Next time, why not have bear make a card? (((HUGS)))

  3. I'm glad you're able to get out and about with Bear but it really sounds like you're struggling getting out by yourself. Can you go out if your husband is with you? The book sounds like a lot of fun. I have WAY too much to read already but I'm adding it to my to-read pile. Sounds like something I'd enjoy. Take care!

  4. Hope you can get out and about a bit more this week when you want / need to. The feelings are just triggered as you probably know by your thoughts and are hard to stop, as soon as you can relax in a place they will go away. Try going to the end of the street or as far as you feel able and just standing still letting any anxious feelings subside - deep breathing usually helps at this point as it calms the automatic nervous system, then go a bit further every day. Or perhaps try arranging to meet someone somewhere - you will notice you feel more anxious until they appear and then you will relax and the anxiety goes. The trick is to be able to remember how you feel when you are with someone and try and copy these feelings when you are out on your own - if you get my drift. Not sure if this is of any help - I am not one to offer advice but I have been there myself and lived to tell the tale - it is not easy but will get better! Take care