Saturday 28 October 2017

I got out of the house

Today I helped at the church's table top sale, selling donated kids' clothes.  It was okay.  I sold a little, chatted a lot and generally had a good time. 

I feel like I am being chased around by kids clothes.  First there was a donation through the facebook I do for them, then there was the stalls, then more and more of the stuff keeps appearing!  I sorted a load out last Monday but when I turned up this morning there were two extra boxes and an extra bag.  I couldn't get it all out and it spilled out over two tables.  Some of it was gorgeous and some of it was less so but it was all given with love and that is what matters. I was going frantic trying to set up.

I couldn't do much yesterday when the rest was set up as bear had a pal around and I couldn't leave them.  They were busy hanging out and talking rubbish - almost like grown men!  I've seen exactly the same sort of wandering, irrelevant, subject changing discussions in bars.  You know the sort of thing, where the discussion goes from someone at football to something to do with travel on to something to do with cats. 

Then my brother and his partner came round and we had a time hanging out and chatting.  It was good to see him. 

Tomorrow pumpkin carving is supposed to happen.  I have reservations and plan to put down a lot of oil cloth and newspaper. 


  1. I'm so glad you got out! Sounds like you had an enjoyable time. Kids seem to grow up so quickly! Have fun pumpkin carving - I miss it.

  2. You got out for a good cause and sounds as if it went well. And, You sound just like me. I always do well once I get to where I'm's the getting there that is the problem. Getting fluffed and puffed to go out is most times not worth it. But they wouldn't appreciate me showing up in my pj's/sloppy clothes. haha. I can just hear Bear and his friend. I remember our son and my nephew solving the worlds problems to the best way to repair a toy. I miss that. My grands were here last weekend and the grandson kept us entertained with all the info. about every shark in the sea. What they ate to if they were man eaters. He's only 4. I struggle to keep up. And now that the son has an Amazon Alexa to question at every turn he keeps her busy and soaks up every answer like a sponge. He's very into bugs which creeps me out. Happy Sunday. :)