Thursday 19 October 2017

Sainsburys are Tempting Me

I got a booklet of coupons in the post today.  I can get up to £13 off a shop - if I spend £90! 

I don't know about that.  It's easy to spend £90, but I'm not sure I want to spend that much.  The total doesn't include alcohol either.  Also I would rather do two shops of £45 each per week rather than one of £90. 

The coupons are spread over five weeks, so it's not even worth doing one big shop and stashing a load away.  I can't use my freezer as it really is failing.  I'm trying to hold out for Black Friday (and keeping an eye on the current prices).  I can't use it to hold stuff. 

I suppose I can stock up for Christmas.  I can put aside a few nice bits and have a look at some of the presents.  I don't really need that much, though.  I think I'll have to do some seriously careful sums.  If bear is going to grammar school then I'll need to learn to drive and we will need a second car.  I can't afford to waste money.

I managed to get out today.  I had a quick look around the art gallery.  I liked some of the paintings and didn't understand the rest of them.  One thing that struck me was how dusty some of the frames looked.  I think it says something about me - I go to the art gallery and look at the frames!

I had a quick call into Aldi on the way back and then home.  Tomorrow I have to go out as I have promised to help out in the church.  It's a work in progress.


  1. I had to smile at the image of you inspecting the frames at the Art Gallery! I think getting in all the staples for Christmas would maybe be a good way to use your coupon - things like toilet rolls and wishing up liquid in readiness so you don't even have to think about these whilst planning everything else. If you buy only what is on offer as well you will come out with some real savings. Glad you manage a trip out it must be hard for you. I am over in Leeds on Monday - the dreaded Jimmy's to see my consultant with blood test results - the hospital parking is extortionate and I once waited for 3 hours to see the doctor which doesn't help the costs - I hate how they make money out of patients illness. Take care.

  2. Hey! I do that. haha. But I do it at the doctor's office. I'm really upset when I see dust, blood splatter and such at the office. And lets don't even talk about nasty chairs in the waiting room. eek! Nor do I ever pick up a magazine in the doctors office. ewwww! I have a thing. ;) I don't like doing big shops. With just hubby and I with occasional visits from the son and grands that is just too much food to have in the house at one time. And I'd have to cook it too. ha. We have ts'giving coming up next month and with Christmas the next i'll have to spend enough as it is. But you went out and to the Art Gallery...Good for you. I agree. There is a lot of art I don't understand.

  3. Confession - I sometimes don't understand the paintings either. Sometimes I can't understand why things are in a gallery at all (looks like something I could paint and I can't paint!). Lol at the dusty frames - someone hasn't been doing their job.

    If you do have to learn to drive - you can do it! I learned at the age of 30 after moving here to the states where you can't do much at all without a car!

  4. Maybe you could stock up on a few things for Christmas to take advantage of the coupons? I've received a few similar discounts at stores, here, and usually just toss them as I can't see myself buying stuff for the amount they want you to spend before qualifying for the discount.