Friday 27 April 2018

38 metres

I've been practising my theory test all day.  It's all becoming a bit of a blur.  38 metres is the correct answer to, 'what is the correct stopping distance at 50mph on a good road surface?'  I may be muttering in metres in my sleep.

Another of the multiple choice questions - when should you stop on a motorway?  One of the options (not the right one!) was, 'when you need to walk and get fresh air'.  I'd be a lot quicker going through the tests if I didn't keep stopping and boggling at some of the multiple choice options which I'm willing to bet some numpty will have checked!

Bear is really thrilled that he is taking part in a football tournament next week.  It's a tournament for kids who don't normally get picked for tournaments.  However, this means that I am going to have to drag bear into town to buy him new football socks and football boots.  His shinpads still fit him, thank goodness, so at least I don't have to worry about them.  However I am confident that bear will have grown out of them by Christmas, and possibly by September for High School.  As I only got the letter today, I haven't had much chance to scout around for deals.  This is going to be expensive. 

Negotiations have also taken place about trousers.  I have jeans for him to wear but the waists are too big.  There were the elastic thingies in the waistband in one of the nicer pairs, but even when I had pinched in four inches total, the waistband was still far too loose.  They are meant for a slightly taller child but I don't expect that he will put much on around the middle.  I suspect that bear isn't that skinny (the doctor didn't think so) but that a lot of children are now less skinny than they used to be.  Bear has agreed we can go into TK Maxx which is near the football boot store and see if he likes any of the belts there.  Fortunately bear loathes shopping with a passion, and is unlikely to want to look around the rest of the store.  This will save me a lot of money.

I may see if there is something anyway, though.  Poor kid is still stressed to the eyeballs and is insisting that I leave lavender oil on tissues in his room to help him relax.  Going past his room last night was like being punched on the nose by a lavender boxing glove, but it helped him, so that's something.  As Hester said, these exams are for the school only.  I can't wait until the SATS are over.

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