Wednesday 18 April 2018

Three More Days

I have three more days until my next driving lesson.  On the day of the lesson and usually the day afterwards I feel buzzed and capable and do great things.  The rest of the time I have panic attacks.  Lots and lots of panic attacks.  They aren't severe or serious.  Bear doesn't notice much, I think, and he is still fed and clothed and nagged about homework. 

We have an issue with bear's trousers.  They are too big on the waist.  The ones that fit him around the waist are climbing up his ankles.  Bear is refusing the whole concept of a belt as he says he would be teased.  I've looked at YouTube videos about taking in waists and I'm intimidated, but I may have a go with some hand stitching which can be easily taken out and cut nothing.  Bear doesn't tuck his shirt in anyway so it would cover a lot of sins.  I can also get them altered in a stall in Leeds Market for @ £8.

The reason I know how much they charge in Leeds Market is because I went into Leeds this morning.  I finally got around to taking in a picture to reframe and afterwards I cut through the market.  I wonder if I get at least one pair done properly then it could last him until half way through July, when bear stops wearing grey school trousers.  And at least I would know what they should look like. 

Cherie K I'm sorry to hear about your goldfish. 


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