Tuesday 24 April 2018

Technologically Challenged

I'm trying to create my own website.  It isn't going well.  I'm not linking to it because there is nothing there yet.  I'm not very good at technology so I did the logical thing when I got stuck and tried the help chat.

I forgot that these are largely bots.  They see trigger words and they give scripted responses.  I should have realised but I started off asking for help in much the same way that I write here.  It's rambling, it's old fashioned at times and it's very colloquial.  It doesn't help that I don't know the proper words for things.  So when the poor bot was asking about a 'dashboard' or 'creating a menu' I wasn't exactly sure what it meant. 

I think I may have been guilty of cruelty to bots.  The pauses between responses got longer and longer and I got more and more bewildered.  Eventually it was time for bear to come home and I abandoned the chat.  I could imagine the bot going back to his fellow bots and saying, 'We've got a right one here, lads.  Someone's CPU has been in the washing machine.  I don't think this one knows their RAM from their coaxial cable'.  However I saved the links that the thing gave me and I'm going at it again tomorrow.

I am ready to go to the school to give them a piece of my mind.  Bear is beyond exhausted and stressed.  Poor kid doesn't know which way is up.  His appetite is through the floor and he's just hanging around like wet washing.  It doesn't matter if he gets 0% in his SATS.  He's got through to grammar school and nothing in these exams matter to him.  However sitting in a hothouse of stress isn't helping.  I've left him with some apple and cinnamon tea and some lavender oil on a pad to scent the room. 


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