Friday 6 April 2018

Not Quite Driving

Bear and I spent a lot of the afternoon actively hanging out.  He loaded up his Eurotruck simulator and had me practise with the wheel and pedals.  It was a complete disaster.  I drove in several circles, crashed through a central reservation and ran over a roundabout.  I'm better in a real car.  We talked about where I could go in the car, what we could do, where I could shop (bear was unimpressed) and we watched (and heckled) some YouTube footage of Plants vs Zombies 2 while I knitted.  I bought five balls of the scrubby yarn, thinking I would maybe get one or two scrubbies per ball.  I have completely used one ball, I'm currently using two balls (pattern calls for two different strands so I have one ball for one bit and another for the other) and I have two untouched balls left.  I have knitted two circular scrubbies, ten heart shaped scrubbies and a soap saver.  Bear approves, as they are going to be dumped in the bathroom, used once for a shower/bath and then washed.  It seems very logical to him. 

Regarding driving, I've booked a block of 28 hours of driving lessons over fourteen days for the end of May.  This includes the practical and theory test.  This should, theoretically, hopefully, all things being equal, get me to pass my test.  Afterwards I can learn to drive.  The important thing is that I can get my son and his pal safely to and from their school.  Also, I can finally go to car boot sales.  And speaking of which, I'd better go off and write it. 

For those interested, a while ago I wrote a series of short stories about Steve Adderson and his adventures dealing with elfen, boggarts and all sorts of strangeness.  The stories were a response to story prompts and I had a lot of fun with them.  I will be adding them to the Tales of the White Hart when it comes out, so I've been tidying them up and I've added a final section where the identity of Steve's father is revealed.  If you want to know, the story from the beginning is here.  The first instalment of the second section of At the Sign of the White Hart comes out Friday 13 April.  And speaking of that, I'd better go and write it!

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