Wednesday 25 April 2018

The Best Laid Plans

Today I was supposed to have another crack at the website.  I'm trying to use WordPress, which is apparently easy and fun and absolutely no bother at all - hah!  I was also going to have a good go at the theory test practice, which is next week.  For those not from the UK or who were sensible enough to pass their test before the theory part came in, here is the government website where you can have a go at some practice tests.  I also had a text which told me I could pick up a framed picture. 

Life happened.  Bear's knee has been getting stiffer and stiffer and today he couldn't walk properly.  As he was also beside himself with the stress from these dratted SATS I kept him off and got him a doctor's appointment.  His knee is definitely swollen.  It was quite obvious.  The doctor moved his legs around, suggested we give him ibuprofen and made an appointment next week for him to come back and give a blood sample.  She's not sure about the knee.  It may be nothing at all, but she wants to get a blood test to check for inflammation  He's having an early night and is determined to go in tomorrow as the school have yoga every Thursday for those sitting their SATS.  There is something seriously wrong when 11 year old kids need yoga to cope for exams that actually do not affect them.  The SATS are important to the school.  They do not affect most kids as their High School will test them again and besides, bear is going to grammar school and has already passed the exam - without a tenth of this dratted stress. 

One small win: in the past when I have batch cooked something and bunged it in the freezer, it has languished until thrown out.  I haven't successfully batch cooked and froze anything.  However, I successfully reheated one of the portions of squash, onion and sweet potato soup that I froze and bear ate a full bowlful.  He practically inhaled it.  I'm taking comfort in that.


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