Sunday 8 April 2018

Cats on Catnip

Back in the days when we were owned by cats, we sometimes gave them catnip.  They didn't all have the same reaction.  Malevolent cat wanted a luuurve, psychotic cat wanted a fight and evil cat immediately needed a nap. 

I thought I'd share a YouTube video of big cats like lions and tigers being given catnip, and their reactions were much the same as an average tabby - some weren't affected (some cats aren't) but others were just smacked off their wotsits. 

Big Cat Rescue is, as far as I can tell, a good animal charity.  It does it's best for animals that cannot be released into the wild.  What's reassuring to me is when they show their videos, they are treating their animals with respect.  They are not treating the animals like humans, nor are they treating massive creatures like tigers and panthers as kitties.  But they are treating them with love.  You may like to check out their videos about the big cats' vacations.  Or the one where they tried to see if the big cats liked marmite.  Or the one where they are given pumpkins or Christmas trees or cardboard boxes. 

Having a tough evening, so looking out fun videos and thought I would share. 

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