Sunday 15 April 2018

Not a Dedicated Follower of Fashion

Bear had a party to go to today.  I was not entirely convinced he should go, as bear loathes discos (it was a disco), has had ongoing scuffles with a few of those attending and is generally not a social animal.  As it was he went, hung out in the car park in the rain with some of his pals and had a great time.  I am confident he will eat the birthday cake sent home with him for breakfast before I get up.

The problems we had were that he didn't have a stitch to wear.  I mean, he had clothes but not party clothes.  He also utterly refused to leave the house to go a few hundred yards to Matalan which sell up to date, reasonably priced, hard wearing kids clothes.  He wore the one pair of jeans which he considers fit him, and they just about do.  I think he's about half an inch too tall for them, but bear is fine with the length.  He is one growth spurt away from being without any real jeans.  Of course, the four pairs that I gave him to try on were obviously imaginary.  He's very slim, and we are in a negotiation situation about belts.

Earlier, DH and bear put together a bookcase.  Bear was following the instructions with serious concentration.  I'm happy to leave him to it.  I walked past as bear was knocking in some nails and I can see that I will never need to worry about flat pack again.  Kate bear reads the instructions for the bookcases but was all grown up when he put the piano stool together as the instructions weren't brilliant so he worked it out himself.  He is incredibly proud of that piano stool!

I had another driving lesson today.  I had a brief panic when I saw a car coming towards me (we were in a sort of tiny office park which is usually empty on Sundays), but I trusted that they knew what they were doing and recognised that a car with L plates and wobbling towards the appropriate lane at walking speed needed a little tolerance.  I took this on the way to the lesson

It's forsythia, and I always think it looks cheerful.  It usually is out in February, not half way through April.  I wonder how the farmers are doing with all this weather. 

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