Sunday 29 April 2018

I Went Backwards!

I'm still working on starting and stopping, and I'm getting on okay.  We were in the usual office park that's empty on a Sunday and I took an unfamiliar turn.  I thought I could turn just past the sort of low hedge thing, and I couldn't.  So, while encouraged by awesome bpm, I reversed back a few yards and took the previous turn.  I didn't have any problems.  Now, I kept an eye in my mirror, and I knew there were no other cars, nor was there much of a chance of kids or animals, but it felt awesome being able to go back a few yards in a straight line.  I may be getting carried away, but I still feel giddy about the lesson.

Yesterday I took bear for football boots.  It was okay.  We got into Leeds.  We bought the boots, which are pretty awesome, and then we called into TK Maxx to see if they had any belts acceptable to bear.  They didn't.  They didn't have any kids belts at all.  We picked up some salad from Sainsburys and having gone to three shops within a hundred yards of each other, we went home.  I'm going to have to look on eBay. 

Bear is really good to take shopping.  He drags me past all temptations and refuses to consider going into shops that have not been previously agreed.  I need to make more use of him. 

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