Monday 2 April 2018

Disappointing Snow

We have been lucky with the weather once again.  We did have snow this morning, but it was something of a disappointment.  It sort of flopped out of the sky in large, damp flakes that didn't hang around.  I know other places have not been so lucky and some passes over the Pennines have been shut.

It feels like a nothing sort of day.  We have hung out together and enjoyed each other's company.  I've had a phone call to Scottish Power that eventually went okay, but took a chunk of time and I helped DH move things away from the junk room window which is being replaced tomorrow. 

We just have so much stuff.  I have been resisting incredibly inexpensive stuff we don't need on eBay, no matter how good the deal, because I don't want more stuff.  It feels very depressing. 

I suppose I'm flat because I've been trying to design a book cover.  I have come to the conclusion that I have less artistic talent than potato peelings.  It's disheartening.  I've looked through resources like Flickr and WikiCommons for inspiration, and I tried to tell myself that it was only because they had equipment that they got their stunning images.  Then I saw that a lot of the utterly amazing pictures were taken by phones.  The photographers are just extra talented. 

btw I wanted to share some pics from io Lagana.  You can find her on Flickr here.  They are just amazing.

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