Friday 20 April 2018

So Much for That

First off - thank you for the suggestions re taking in the trousers.  I thought I would say thank you here, because I really appreciate it.  I'll have a go over the weekend.  Bear is still very bear, and while he may possibly consider the theoretical chance of belts, he isn't keen.  Poor kid is getting stressed to the eyeballs over the SATS.  Also, I forgot it was yoga for him at school yesterday, so he went in too late to benefit. I've set an alarm on my phone for next week.

What has it come to where the school is organising yoga before school for kids stressed out about SATS?  They are ten and eleven years old! 

I went to Aldi today.  I just needed some bits but I thought I could pick up the stuff I preferred there.  I called a taxi from the firm I usually use, who are normally awesome.  Today was not so awesome.  I got in the car and the first thing I said was, do not go up that way.  I repeated this several times as the driver drove up the road at the side of the house.  I couldn't get him to stop, nothing I was saying got through to him until there was a truly awful scraping on the bottom of the car.  I was almost ready to get out and walk at that point (buses to Aldi are tricky and time consuming and the taxi fare isn't much more than the buses).  The very short stretch of road at the side of our house is incredibly steep, very badly maintained and if you miss the exposed grate at the top then you will almost certainly hit the nasty ledge that you have to get over to get on to the main road.  I always warn delivery drivers.  DH will go downhill on this road, which means he doesn't hit the ledge the wrong way, but he won't go up.  There is a lot of room to turn around and bounce down to the end of the street the safer way, it's much better to do that.  The car did not sound happy in the five minutes it took to get to Aldi. 

There are those who will hear what you say, and those who won't.  For as long as I can remember there has been the infrequent but irregular screech of another driver losing important bits as they belted up when they really should have turned and gone back. 

But I got the ingredients I wanted for rice salad, which always goes down well with bear and DH and we had it with very inexpensive venison grills and it was a very pleasant dinner. 


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