Wednesday 28 November 2018

A Quiet Day

Today was supposed to be a quiet day for me to get my head down, do a little clearing in the disaster area that is my kitchen, make soup and get on top of things.  You know what happens when you make plans.

First of all, the light switch in the kitchen broke.  It was quite dramatic.  I was putting some wet washing in the dryer when I heard a 'ping'.  I put it down to something falling off or over.  It wasn't.  The small piece in the centre of the light switch that you toggle up or down to turn the light on and off had pinged off.  I really, really, really need to get this house rewired.  As in, urgently.  Which means urgently clearing the house (after I've finished my editing).  At least I knew an over priced electrician that can come tomorrow and fix the light switch.  I have a basement kitchen with one small window so it was dim even when the light was working.  As it was, I was wondering which lamps I could use and blundering around in the dark.  In the end  I was trying to make dinner with one of those head torches on and I must have looked like a bewildered and misdirected miner.  I'll have to wear it again when I box up the soup later on when it's cool.  Having some boxes of home made soup in the freezer is such a help. 

As I was recovering from the estimated cost, I got a phone call from school.  All was okay, but did I know that bear had a performance tomorrow evening and was I going to attend?  I took a breath and asked what was going on.  Apparently bear and his pal were late to a particular lesson/session so hadn't been given the letters to tell me about this.  The teacher was lovely, apologetic and understanding.  So I have been juggling around schedules with DH and yes, we can attend and give a lift to bear's pal.  This means that he misses his climbing session, which he has paid for upfront.  At least I don't need to worry about getting his kit sorted out.

As I was getting my head around that and texting all over to get things in motion, I got a call from the lovely Tesco delivery man (who is awesome and a regular on my route).  Did I mind if he was a little early?  Of course not I said, thinking that it would give me a nice long stretch of time with my editing.  So I took in the delivery, which included a few bits for Christmas, and settled down.  Just in time for some more deliveries.  I'm not sure that the Aldi stuff is alright.  I got a couple of model kits and the boxes are looking a little battered, but the yak wool (okay, 25% yak, 50% wool, 25% mercerised velvet - whatever that is) from Wish also arrived. 

It feels quite warm.  I'll let you know how it knits. 

And then I was juggling bear's pal coming around before bear got home, bear and getting dinner on the table. 

I am hoping that I can have a nice quiet evening. 

Scarlet - it sounds like you are having a really tough time.  I hope you keep going and well done on the weight loss!  I'm going to try for something similar.

Wherethejourneytakesme - I've been referred to physio, and I may look into feverfew tablets, which my mother used to take and, as I said, she could kick down doors.  Also I need to lose weight. 

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