Tuesday 13 November 2018

And that was Tuesday

I admit to feeling a little meh at the moment.  I shouldn't grumble.  I'm sitting here with the heater on and things could be a lot worse. 

I got the x-rays done today.  From what I see, the GP sends a booking to the hospital which in my case is the LGI and I can turn up during office hours and wait to get seen at any time, I think in the next week.  I'll get the results in a week or so.  I am aching from being manoeuvred on the machine.  The person taking the xrays was lovely and professional, and very patient, but my joints objected violently to the whole positioning. 

I cut past the German market where I got a pic of a very Yorkshire bin and a blurry pic of a Leeds owl. 

I was heading towards the museum as they do a passable baked potato and I was hungry, and passed two armed police.  They even had rifles of some sort.  It sort of broke my heart.  They had gone when I came out and I was relieved.  I don't want to think of guns needed in our town centre.  I'm not trying to pretend Leeds is some sort of peace camp, but it's unheard of to see armed police in the town centre. 

So I am a little meh. 

Writing stuff - I have a character spotlight from one of the other authors of the Glass and Ashes anthology on my writing blog here.  She has done an amazing job, and I am incredibly impressed.  I may take notes!


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