Friday 2 November 2018

Ghost Hunt

I don't think I was as helpful as I could be at the Ghost Hunt.  Partly because there was a lot of standing around in the dark when my joints were killing me and partly because they got a ouija board out and that stuff terrifies me. 

Leeds Commercial Library is awesome.  It was established in 1768 and is the oldest currently operating subscription library in the country (apparently).  I couldn't get a good pic, but the place is amazing.  It has galleries with books, reached by spiral staircases, and wooden chairs and ladders to reach the higher shelves and some of the stuff there makes my mouth water.  For example, there were copies of nineteenth century newspapers which would be a wonderful inspiration.  And the evening was well put together with lots of ghost stories and lots of attempts to contact the spirits.  There is a ghost story associated with the Library which I am totally going to use.  I kept an open mind, and I can't account for the glass moving on the ouija board and there were books thrown when I wasn't around, but there were also chills reported when people were standing under air vents. 

I got my first Prime Now order today.  If you live in a participating postcode, you can order groceries and household essentials within a few hours.  The minimum order was £40, and I padded my order with lentils etc to get to £40.16, then got £10 off my first order, so £30.16.  I was trying to get stuff that bear would eat, and thought I would give it a go.  Bear's mouth is almost back to normal but he's still milking it.  Unfortunately it comes from Morrisons, and the cocktail sausages that bear fancied were off.  I've had some bad experiences with Morrisons and meat.  Their veg is awesome.   I'll have to pick some meat up tomorrow. 


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