Friday 16 November 2018

I Truly Love My Brother, But...

My brother looked after bear last night while we were at the parents' evening.  He and bear seem to get on just fine.  Brother is a sweetie and bear behaves for him.  They just hang out, no stress.  I leave food, drink and an instruction to avoid wild parties and they both go on their computers and share tips (brother works in IT).

When we got back, brother and I chatted a little about presents for bear and brother reminded me about  This is a group of separate businesses in China which trade on the same site.  I've had some pretty good stuff from there, and one or two fails.  On the whole, I've been satisfied, which is why I tuned in to see if there was anything suitable for bear for Christmas.  I picked up a few things, but then I spotted the yarn.

They have some amazing looking yarn.  I resisted the deliciously coloured acrylic, and the cotton with 20% milk protein.  I resisted (with a struggle) the alpaca and cashmere.  I even resisted the yarn that was described as having a local name of knicker yarn and was 65% silk wool and 35% Barbie wool (I think it lost a little in translation, but their English is better than my Mandarin).   I completely failed to resist the 25% yak wool, 50% wool and 25% mercerised velvet.  1000g should be enough for a few scarves and a small lap blanket.

I'm not affiliated to Wish in any way, so just to say that watch out for long shipping times, and remember to read the full description.  Not all yarn that is described as 'milk yarn' contains milk protein, although some does.  It's also good to check the shipping, as some items are described as 'free - just pay shipping' but the shipping can be expensive.  Sadly, while awesome stuff does come from China, the rules about online shopping aren't the same as they are in the UK, so be aware.  I was tempted by some water lotus seeds, but I wasn't sure about seeds being imported, as I know that there are a lot of rules around this, so I managed to hold back.  I treat ordering from Wish as an adventure and I am currently blaming my brother.

Of any scarves knitted, one is destined for my awesome instructor who took me around Horsforth in Leeds today.  It was a lot easier than Heckmondwike and I am considering asking him to change my test to Horsforth centre instead of Heckmondwike.  I went around a test route and it was so much easier.  I rocked a hill start, dealt with strange parking ideas and there were no casualties. 

I can't wait to get the Yak Yarn.  Until I get my hands on it, here is a picture of a yak.  It is not wearing a sweater.

Photo by Shane Aldendorff on Unsplash


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