Monday 19 November 2018

DH and Renault

We still do not have the dratted lease car.  Instead we have a variety of Renault and DH objects as everything is on the 'wrong' side - the opposite side to a Ford, which he has been driving in different forms for @ ten years.  He does not approve of the SatNav either.  I can't blame him.  We were trundling down the road when it asked us to take a sharp right followed by a sharp left - basically, we left a dual carriageway, went ten yards and joined a road that took us back onto that same dual carriageway instead of doing complicated things like just staying on the same dratted road.  DH said it was revenge for Trafalgar. 

The reason we were using the dratted SatNav (which behaved for the rest of the journey) was that bear lost his PE kit.  This meant a trip to Dewsbury on Saturday to replace it, and last time we went with bear's pal's mum.  This time DH was navigating and it was a relatively straightforward drive.  The replacement cost was £90 for the shorts, various shirts and jackets and another £8 for the sports bag, together with £53 for new football boots and shin pads.  I think bear's Christmas list just got shorter, although I have just ordered a massive amount of books.  Together with the fees for the Rock Climbing, bear's school has cost over £1000 and that is bound to go up by Christmas.  I think I could knock off say £250 if I had been more cautious spending and if bear hadn't lost his kit, but it is still a steep amount.

I didn't stop spending when I got to yesterday as I managed to call in at the PDSA on the way to a very satisfactory hot chocolate and natter and found an amazing, double breasted, full length, wool and cashmere coat for DH for £12.99.  He looks utterly dashing in it and he's very pleased.  I'll take it to be dry-cleaned, but even with drycleaning, it's still a bargain. 

Today I woke up so tired it hurt.  I've just pootled around, and I'm going to try again tomorrow. 


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