Tuesday 20 November 2018

Why I Should Not Drink Near Amazon

One of the things about Amazon that I like is that I can get relatively obscure ingredients from there, like the Milo drink that bear sometimes likes (bear's preferences change with the weather, so when bear says he likes something, I assume that terms and conditions apply).  You can get arsenic from there, though I'm not suggesting you should.  You can even get powders that hide the smell of dead bodies and I know that purely from research for writing projects (my browsing history is terrifying). 

Amazon do a thing called 'Subscribe and Save' where you commit to buying something on a regular basis and get a reduced price.  I'm not 100% bought into this, as a lot of the time it is still less expensive to get an item from the supermarket when it is on sale, but I get things like the vitamins I like for bear.  They are difficult to get hold of from a supermarket, as I try and get the ones containing iron, and knowing that they will arrive at one packet of 30 per month is helpful. 

Last night I had taken drink and I clicked on to my 'Subscribe and Save' account.  This morning I was somewhat surprised that I had been so rational.  I found dried onions, dried peppers and dried mushrooms added on.  If you simmer those with a stock cube and some lentils and then blend, you have a very pleasing soup and the ingredients are relatively easy to store.  The finely chopped dates also looked like a reasonable addition.  I need to start baking, and there are worse things than dates to include in a muffin. 

Writing stuff - today I had an attack of poetry, here.  Hopefully back on track soon. 


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