Wednesday, 11 December 2019

An Uneventful Day

Today was splendidly uneventful. I drove a newish route, going one way and then branching off another to pick up the normal route, and that worked well. On the way home I called in at a Farm Shop for some mince, which turned out very disappointing, and dinner has been calm.

Bear is not calm. The poor lad didn't get to sleep until gone 11pm last night, and he has to be up at six. He is worried about getting the norovirus, and it is making the poor kid almost sick with the worry. I've given him handsanitiser but he looked it up on the NHS website and apparently hand sanitiser is ineffective against noro.

Wherethejourneytakesme made a good point. I don't remember anything like this when I was a kid. However things were different in some ways. Nowadays, a lot of families have both parents working, so kids can't stay at home as easily if they are poorly. Once upon a time there would be someone at home. Now the kids go into school to share all the lovely germs or the parents lose a day at work. Not only that, but attendance is a problem. Bear has had a week off due to the flu like virus he had last week. If he takes more than a day or two off for the rest of the year, I will get all sorts of official letters. All it needs is some sort of bad bug, and I could be getting home visits by officials. I'm somewhat worried that the long list of hospital appointments he has coming up could cause issues.

As it is, bear keeps coming home with how many more are off today, and how many teachers. It seems to be a bad do right now. I'm hoping we skip it this year.

Thank you for all the good wishes. Hugs and hoping we all stay well.

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  1. Washing your hands with proper old fashioned soap is supposed to be good for prevention of norovirus. I see so many people in the Ladies toilets leaving either without washing their hands or just giving them a quick rinse under the tap with no soap. I know it is even worse in the men's toilets according to DH. At school we always had to go and wash our hands before eating lunch - I expect this has now been abandoned too. I always wear leather gloves when I am out so I never touch banisters and doors with my bare hands - I always think this is the reason I haves so few bugs come my way. I used to work in a hospital nin the 70's long before any of the MRSA bugs were known. Matron would not let anyone sit on the beds and the whole place was absolutely spotless - hospitals feel very grubby and disorganised places to me these days even the newly built ones. Hope bear manages to avoid the bug.x