Friday, 6 December 2019

Pity Party Continues

HAPPY SINTERKLAAS. I am feeling blessed because DH and bear have pals in the Netherlands who have been awesome to bear and have even included me in the traditional poem. I am feeling woozy but hugged.

I'm struggling to make a deadline for a novel for external publishers. I am trying to get the desperate battles through Victorian London fog to zing while running a temperature not being quite with the reality. Some of this may be less grounded than I planned. I am also outwitted by bear's fleece hoodie. It was very inexpensive from Aldi, and bear adores cuddling down into it, but I washed it for the first time and it just absorbed all the water. It held so much water that even though it was the only thing in the machine, the poor washer wouldn't spin. It's currently dripping in the bathroom. Getting that sorted was today's achievement. It's not a really bad bug, I just feel utterly pathetic.

Bear is feeling better. This is a huge relief.

VC - Liverpool to the core. I'm not the best supporter, but I've watched games at Anfield and because the game was on prime I got to see it. I'm old enough that I remember the eighties when Liverpool and Everton were often both finalists down at Wembley, and the supporters used to share coaches down there. Of course, the banter was a bit sharp, but what do you expect from Scousers? I love Liverpool's play at the moment, though I wish they would fix the defence (a complaint that was a distant dream five years ago). What team do you support? Just asking for the purposes of tact.

Sanitised hugs to all.

Also, does anyone know a good place to learn about baseball?

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  1. Lifelong red of the Mancunian variety and season ticket holder of many years!