Monday, 30 December 2019

Mortified Again

Thanks again for the good wishes. I feel incredibly hugged.

Bless - bear is officially a teenager. It's a journey. To be honest, I don't worry too much. Bear will no doubt have a rollercoaster, like all teens, and I'm sure there will be surprises, but I'm (more or less) confident that he'll keep his sensible streak around.

wherethejourneytakesme - I've always gone with getting lots of little bits along with a stack of books, but he's getting too old for the 'little bits' now. This year he asked for sheet music so I got a load from eBay and then split it between Christmas and birthday. I do the same with books - I get a massive order from somewhere like The Book People and then split it between the two. It's getting harder to guess what he would like, though, so I can see him getting money or vouchers with something small to unwrap on the day.

Today our lovely, wonderful piano and violin teacher was stuck standing on our step because I couldn't find my keys. I normally keep them in a fail safe place (between the door and the door curtain, on a rack) but I failed with the safe place and couldn't find them anywhere. I was mortified again.

This year's resolution is to have an ongoing process of becoming more organised and to get on top of my emails and stay on top of them. I have around four thousand in my inboxes. Most of them are just newsletters that I am determined to read, but I lose sight of what is going on and then get swamped.

Hugs to all.


  1. I always intend to be more organised! It never seems to happen though. I am just completely hopeless at it. I think it's because my mind is always wandering to other places.

    Bear sounds like a great kid. I was really lucky with mine and although they had the normal teenage things going on they all got through it okay without any major incidents. I just tried to pick my battles lol

  2. A tip I read with emails is to move the whole lot into a folder marked To read and deal with (in this case you could add 2019 emails) and then begin afresh the next day and sort each new email by answering them / deleting them / or putting them on hold or into a holding folder for a decision. You can then go back to your 4,000 current ones at your leisure.
    Tip No2 - have a spare key cut and keep it in one place only in case of such emergencies.
    Lots of hugs back x
    PS if I were gifted enough to write as you do I would not be bothered if I were disorganised!

  3. If I may offer a suggestion with the newsletters - delete all of the old ones, even if unread; it's mostly old news by now. You will then be able to keep up with the current ones.