Monday, 9 December 2019

Sensible Blog Post Will Follow Shortly

Bear had an non serious non urgent appointment with a Consultant today. So I drove him to school, picked him up early from school, took him into the hospital where I was really careful not to breathe on anyone, walked miles around Leeds General Infirmary, and then brought him home. I am not fit for rags.

Bear has been given prescriptions, has further appointments being lined up as we speak and has had his first x-ray, which he found disappointingly unremarkable.

I am exhausted. I am also surprised that no-one has written a horror story about the Leeds General Infirmary. It is relatively old (with some very modern bits), with a wonderfully Victorian Gothic staff entrance that I have used as a shortcut, it has about a gazillion wings (okay, maybe not a gazillion, but it just feels like a lot as Brotherton, Martin, Clarendon and Jubilee are quite large in themselves, especially if you are doing the route march from Martin Wing (children's) to Clarendon (X-ray). There are these long, straight, shiny corridors, which look like wonderful locations for chases, as there are doors off each side, and openings leading to operating theatres and corners and stairs, and it seems to go on for miles.

Bear is mostly concerned about the chance of catching the Norovirus. It has shut a local school where a lot of kids from his old school went, along with three other schools in Leeds, and there are a lot of teachers and pupils off from his school. In fact, it seems to be causing all sorts of disruption.

I'm just flattened.

Writing stuff - this week's writing challenge. The quote is actually from a very lovely lady from the Netherlands who wrote a Sinterklaas poem in her second language. I have no idea what to write, let alone try and live up to her quote.

Hugs to all.


  1. We never had Norovirus in my day - hardly anything went round our school - not even colds. There must be a reason for this increase in these types of viruses. Hope you feeling better - never been to LGI only Jimmy's which is mixed old and new.

  2. Sorry you’re still feeling awful. I have had 3 colds this year, courtesy of my twin grandchildren who attend daycare and bring home what feel like plague level viruses. I sympathize, especially when you have to keep going for everyone else’s sake. Hope you feel better very soon.

  3. Feel better soon! I think hospitals are exhausting. Not just because of the appointments, but the waiting and the anxiety - yuck!