Thursday 19 December 2019

Weather and Confusion

Thank you for all the kind words about my driving. I continue to learn and get lost at unexpected moments  and I hope my adventures can be entertaining and not more of the usual. Today I took a new route to Tesco en route to pick up bear - and it worked! I take the triumphs where they come and gloss over the way I swept around a corner in third when I had no right doing that at all. The journey home was grim - wherethejourneytakesme is right. We are getting all sorts. I had my wipers on at max in driving rain, and the windscreen was still filling up. I was so glad to get home - 30 seconds after the piano teacher arrived.

Sharon - that is a definite win. I don't think I'll be driving in anything like the conditions you see so total respect. I have faith in you. Totally get it about other drivers. It's why I hate certain roads. Some drivers are lovely, but others are terrifying.

Also, bear told me that I didn't need to worry about a gift for his pal who gets a lift with us in the car. This morning they handed over two parcels for him. I grumbled a little and dived in and got a gift set of body wash etc in appropriate age range, which they politely thanked me for. They had got bear bluetooth speakers and headphones. I feel somewhat embarassed. I also forgot to wrap the token gift for the piano teacher (seriously small token) so they will have to have it in the new year. I did hand over the (unwrapped) housewarming present which was also very much a small gift. It was a nice IKEA fleece type throw which cost something like £3.25. It's the thought that counts, and it's a very nice throw for the price.

Tomorrow I'm driving DH to Dewsbury. Please send good vibes.

Hugs to all.

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  1. I drove to a small retail park today, it has a clearly marked one way system that I followed. There was a van coming the wrong way and it was a very near miss. I expected him to give way as per the road signs but he didn't. He blasted me with his horn but I ignored him. He then got out of his van to start shouting at me but by this time there was another van entering the retail park and they decided to shout at each other and I was able to escape unscathed.