Saturday 14 December 2019

Getting Out

Today I did a lot more walking than I would have thought possible this time last year, and I have no idea why I'm better. I'm not brilliant, but I can move around. Today I went to Dewsbury. It's very near Leeds, but I expected it to be busier so close to Christmas. Instead of a jammed car park costing £2 per hour, I found this, at 80p for two hours.

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Behind me were a couple of rows of cars, but there was plenty of space. I should add that the pic is also misleading about the angle. One day I am going to take a spirit level to the car park. I swear it is around 30 degrees slope.

I had a browse on the market and looked into a few shops. There isn't so much in Dewsbury as there is in Leeds, but I had a little wander and enjoyed myself. I saw this statue, but the road was really busy so didn't go closer to find out the meaning. I like that there are public statues, though. 

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The drive home was less than comforting. I took a road that I thought would be okay, which wasn't, and then there were a few flakes of snow, followed by a lot of hail. It was interesting as the road was fine. There was no difference in the way the car drove. However the visibility was affected more than I thought it would be.

Also, when I was looking for the photos, I found one I had taken a little while ago. I discovered one of bear's lost footballs.

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Hugs to all. 

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