Sunday, 11 April 2021

Another Quiet Day

Fifitr - I'll have to go digging. It was really pleasant, although a little spicy for me. 

I could get used to quiet days. Bear helped me make dinner, which was frozen 'gammon joint in tin' plus frozen wedges but also onions. He had me slice the onions (he really suffers with onions) and then he added a little oil, cumin, turmeric, chilli and sugar and put them in the oven with the ham. They were gorgeous. 

Back to school tomorrow after a break. I'm not looking forward to the commute. We had a few flakes of snow earlier, and it's quite damp. I'm worried about ice. 

I mean, it's not much snow, but it's still there. Fortunately, I don't have any shopping to do. Another bonus, as our house is south facing with double glazing, and there has been some sunshine, it's lovely and snug inside. I may also be wearing a sweater etc, but it's still nice. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. It keeps trying to snow here, and my late night dog walk along the seafront last night was exceptionally cold. But so long as the sun is out it doesn't seem too bad. It warms the living room in the morning and makes it feel a bit less wintery. Apart from those two hot days it seems like years since we could walk around without a sweater on; I know it isn't, it just feels like it. I'm hoping to go down from 3 layers to 2 soon, that's how I mark the changing of the seasons. I have a holiday booked in May so I'm hoping it hurries up and warms up. I'll walk in any weather but eating outside when it's cold and rainy is no fun!

  2. It's nice that Bear is taking an interest in cooking and helping out. It will serve him well later in life!

    Surprisingly we haven't had any snow lately and spring has come early this year. There is even some blossom on the trees!