Wednesday, 28 April 2021

Taken a Day

Sharon - thank you. I have been on the walk a few times and hope to take more walks there.

Tooth continues.

I've taken it very quiet today. I was planning on finishing the net curtains for the porch. We need them, as the angle means that if you approach right, you can see into the living room. I do not approve. I have been struggling as the fabric is scratchy, awkward and I have come to loathe it with a searing passion. Today I decided to junk the dratted thing. I went onto my friend eBay, which was not a good idea. Did you know that you could get organza embossed with gold bats? There are all sorts of sparkling, shimmering, strange and interesting fabrics that could go in the window. And the neighbours wouldn't mind. Well, I don't know about the flats, but next door and next door but one are pretty open minded, so could probably live with all sorts. Out of respect for bear, however, some cream muslin is on its way, with some trim (and the trim is another story altogether! I could have been lost in there for weeks!).

I've finished the wool blend blanket.

It was the yarn from Aldi, and I had three balls of 200g each, so it was 600g. I wish I could remember how much it cost. A similar one on the website is £3.99, which sounds about right. The blanket ended up around 50 inches by 40 inches (about 100cm by 128cm) and is surprisingly soft now that it is knitted up. At some point I must remember to sew the end in. It's broken rib with a garter stitch border, which is nice and cosy, but it would have probably been longer if I had not used a rib type stitch as I think that they take up more yarn. I still love the colour. I may use it in the car when it's chilly. I can end up waiting for bear for quite a while. It's not too bad for a great deal of entertainment while waiting for bear plus a decent throw for £11.97.

I'm now off to get ready with another ongoing, very easy project (I daren't try to knit the jacket while feeling so off) and settle down for the Great British Sewing Bee. I shall marvel at their machining skills, knowing that I shall be sewing the porch curtains (not too wide, but with fullness around 50 inches and a 46 inch drop, with trim) by hand. 

Hugs and good health to all.


  1. Here's hoping the tooth is livable-with while you wait to have it fix. Abscesses are no fun at all. Yes to gold bat organza!! It's amazing what's out there but I would go for that if I had nets. Instead I go for blinds that let the light through partially but keep the heat in. Fingers crossed you get to the dentist soon.

  2. I love the colors also. A pretty accessory for your car. Thanks for sharing!💖