Thursday 1 April 2021

Colourful Day

I called in to Aldi last night when it was quiet, and I picked up this.

It's a 16cm (just over 6 inch) and exactly what I want for sauces and eggs on the stove. It's also just the size I want for a few peas or some carrots - just a small milk pan that will do for all sorts. I think it would also be perfect for just a little sauce (I can make a roux easily enough) and even the noodles that bear likes. I haven't tried it yet, but it's supposed to be ideal for induction hobs. It is also green.

I also saw a car on the road that not only was the same make, model and year as mine, but also the same colour. You don't see many cars that are a royal purple. I found this pick in a post from two years ago that shows my car's colour. It's not common at all. 

Today I got a sales call that started with, 'I'm not trying to sell you anything'. This is never a good sign and I am always immediately on guard after an opening like that. I think they were going to try and sell me a new boiler. The thing was, I didn't want to answer their questions.

Someone who is cold calling has a rotten job. They are likely to be paid pennies, and only on commission and not a salary. They have a script and they don't have much leeway. However they are trained to get you to engage with them. If you give them a reason why you don't want to do something, they are trained to attack those reasons and dismiss them. If you say that you can't afford it, they will find a way to get you finance. If you say that you are happy with whatever it is, they will find a way to prove that their thingy will make you happier. It is dangerous to give them an opening. And if you say that you are not interested, they will persist in asking why until you have to hang up on them, which can lead to them repeatedly ringing back. 

So today, when they asked me the age of the boiler, I answered, 'purple'. That's all I said. Whenever they asked me a question, I just said, 'purple'. Bear was in stitches (he could hear the caller on the other side of the room, she was loud). In the end, they gave up. I hope it gave them a chuckle at the mad woman while confirming that I don't like to be cold called.

And we even had purple carrots in the beef casserole tonight. So a very colourful day.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. The one I got today, started with "can you hear me ok"? Then if they get your voice saying "yes" they can say you agreed to whatever they are selling. I said "I can hear you", which didn't fit their plan and they hung up on me.

  2. I had one yesterday who said can I speak to mr. ---(my husband) I said yes you can, he's been dead 11 years! April Fool He didn't know what to say so after a minute when I said nothing he hung up

  3. Pretty car colour. Lol at the phone conversation. That must have been really funny