Tuesday, 6 April 2021

Serious Shopping

Fifitr - I think my rosemary is here for the longterm as well, and I've some mint and oregano in tubs from last year which are starting to show life again. Mind you, mint is pernicious. Keeping it alive isn't the problem. It's getting rid of the stuff if you put it in a border. The stuff I planted over the weekend is definitely looking sorry for itself, and I think the basil has had it. I'll see what I can do with the windowsills.

I actually didn't go as far as I planned today, but I was still out for hours and I seemed to go miles. First of all there was the slot I booked at the tip. It was incredibly busy this morning. I only had a few black bags, so was able to bung them into the huge skips pretty quickly and get away. I've booked another slot on Friday, which I'm hoping I'll use to get rid of some of the garden waste that I plan to generate. I want to cut back, dig up and weed a lot of stuff, so that will be a few bags. It may even include the new herbs, as I'm pretty certain that the basil is done for. I didn't risk watering them, in case the water froze on them. We had snow this afternoon, and hail. The fuschia needs hacking back. Bear noticed that it was just bare branches today. It's been like that since Christmas. 

I'd planned to go to a garden centre in Brighhouse. There are garden centres nearer, but I spotted this one on eBay selling slug pellets that were non chemical and biodegradable, and made of wool. Of course, when I checked to make a link, I found that plenty of places near to me were selling wool slug pellets, including one that's barely two miles away and one in Todmorden which would be a serious drive, and a fun drive as well. As any sensible slug would be buried in this weather, however, I decided against the journey. 

I called in to the farm shop instead. They had some lovely veg. I wish I had taken a pic of the broccoli before we ate it, as it really looked awesome. I don't usually like broccoli either. I picked up some veggies and a gooseberry pie and then on to the next stop. I called in to Morrisons because it was on the way, and it was the nearest place I new that had a loo that was open. I was absolutely desperate when I hurtled in. I picked up some Pringles for the men as they want to eat guacamole with them, plus some nice bread for DH. 

I carried on, and called into the new B&M Bargains with Garden Centre. I was looking for potting compost, to try to start some seeds on the windowsills. The compost was there in the very cold outdoor area, but it was in a big bag and I had only picked up a basket. I picked up a couple of packs of command hooks that I needed, then left. I'll have another trip out later. 

Then I called in to Aldi, but they didn't have the cola I like for my rum, and they didn't have the avocadoes that bear wanted, so I went into Tesco, filled up the car and picked up the last few things on my list. I also picked up a very inexpensive bunch of flowers as the last inexpensive flowers were finally giving up after a fortnight. I perhaps should have switched them before. The petals all had their colour, but when I picked up the vase to change them over, petals and leaves showered everywhere

Tonight we had pasta with peas and pesto, broccoli and the men had chickenless nuggets, followed by the gooseberry pie. 

I think I will have a quiet night and perhaps do all those housewifery tasks I had planned tomorrow. Between all the driving, all the running around and the vast amount of sanitiser that is currently drying out my hands, I'm all in. 

Hugs and good health to all.

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  1. It sounds like you didn't just brave the elements, you went on a shopping marathon. It was so cold here (40mph winds) that I went out as little as possible. A grocery pickup from Waitrose to get my paws on some of their lovely sourdough bread, special offer plant milks and sushi for lunch as a treat. I have not managed to find anywhere even remotely local that does good sushi or dim sum, my two favourite ways of eating out, so the brands Waitrose carry are the next best thing for at-home consumption. I also picked up some vegan products that only they seem to carry and have pretty much steeled myself to doing a collection every month, even though it's not exactly local. The drive is through pretty wolds scenery though so it's a pleasant run, and we've found some nice places nearby to walk the dog at the same time. The pasta sounds delicious, I shall give it a go as I almost always have peas, broccoli and pesto in the fridge or freezer. In fact I think I'll make it tonight as we've had curry three nights running and it's probably time we had a break. I can never cook just one curry, and it seems a waste to make a small amount - too much effort for too little result. So I wind up making enough for three or four days. It'll survive in the fridge, though, while we have something spring-like. Thanks for the inspiration.