Friday, 30 April 2021

End of the Week

Fifitr - I've been trying to find the phone number for the store for years and they rang from the landline. I have saved it in several places!

I don't know where the week went. There seems to have been some sort of blur. Today has been a sort of nothing day. I've got some writing done, and called in on my brother who had some gluten free pasta that he had picked up for me. He thinks that I've left it too late for some of the seeds I had planned to plant, and I suspect he may be right. It's just been so cold that I haven't felt right. I think I'll have a go and see what we get. We had a nice chat in the garden and I had a cuddle with his elderly dog. This dog was a rescue, over ten years ago. He's as old as bear, probably, but no-one is quite sure about his start in life. As it is, the woofer found his place with my brother and his partner. He could not have been luckier. He gets great walks, proper doggy treats, and lots of love. The dog is elderly now, and a little dafter, but still has a laser like focus when it comes to treats. He is probably part labrador, possibly some elkhound and a lot of cuddles. He also sheds to Olympic standard. 

It's my last antibiotic tomorrow, and I'll be glad to be off them. I am definitely feeling run down. I think I'll pick up one of those probiotic drinks next week some time. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

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  1. Ah a cuddle with a dog certainly makes me feel better. We are going to visit daughter later in May and I can't wait to cuddle with Shasta (her husky) She loves a nice cuddle and it certainly makes me feel better!