Monday, 5 April 2021

Cold Again

It's been sunny, but cold. That means that our house has been okay, but outside has been bitter. The basil I planted is looking a little frost bitten. The herbs are starting to revive a little, but the garden is far from looking like a green oasis.

The coriander on the windowsill has been picked over as bear and DH made guacamole for lunch, and it's also looking a little battered, so I'm going to throw the stalks away and pick up some more to plant. 

Today has been a hanging out sort of day, apart from when bear went for a 'quick' walk to test his boots and disappeared for two hours. Normal for a teenager, nerve wracking for me. He was, of course, fine. He also approved of the boots, which was something. 

I made scouse for dinner, but it turned out too greasy. I must remember to really trim the lamb properly next time. A certain amount of fat is normal, but this didn't work.  

I've been watching a lot of junk journal videos. I'm not sure that this will end well. On the other hand, it stops me watching anything worse. I'm keeping going with the journal, and it's helping me organise my thoughts. I'm getting a little more done, and tomorrow, when DH is back at work, I hope to get further on. 

I'm off now for an early night. For some reason, I'm exhausted.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Most of my herbs have bitten the dust over winter except for some thyme which is so low growing it barely manages to get more than a CM over the top of the soil, and rosemary, which would probably survive a nuclear war. Even in the windowsills some of them died off. I've had some luck growing coriander from seed along with basil over the years, but both easily take a chill and wilt.
    Pity about the scouse. I imagine a certain amount of fattiness gives it flavour. I have had success getting rid of too much fat (largely on curries) by floating a sheet or two of kitchen roll on top of lift the layer of fat off, so that might help.
    Wrap up warm - it's freezing out there again.

  2. Its far too cold to put Basil outside yet. Keep it inside until the end of May in your cold northern neck of the woods. Helen in France (originally way back when from York)