Friday 23 April 2021


Fifitr - when nobody talks about loss, people feel isolated. They feel alone and I think it makes things worse. I remember feeling completely adrift. Mind you, I'm not sure that I'm that maternal myself. Especially if bear is being more bear than usual! I'm nervous about hacking back the laurels even more. I took quite a few branches off over the winter when it was snowing, and it didn't make much dent. Besides, it's where the magpies are nesting and I don't want them to hold a grudge against me. They used to bully the lad next door but two something awful. As for the football, it was an epic fail of judgement that dwarfs all of my epic fails, even if they were bundled into one!

Libby - the fans have indeed spoken! I think the owners are crazy to have not checked with their fans. I believe it's very different in the US, where the Liverpool and Manchester United owners are based. And the walk was awesome!

I managed a quiet walk, and a very small shop, then didn't really get moving. I'm hoping to keep on tonight as the men are busy. The walk was lovely, as it was comparatively early and the shadows were long and golden. They have been cutting back the growth along the paths and had the dead stuff heaped up.

And if you look very closely below, you can see what happened when I tried to take a pic of a yellow wagtail. It was quite a distance away, and a little uncomfortable having someone point a phone at them, so all I caught was a brief flash of yellow in the smallest patch of sunlight, just as it flew off. 

For contrast, I found this pic on WikiCommons. The pic was taken in Ethiopia, but apparently they also live in the UK and most of Europe as well as parts of Russia, India and will overwinter in Sub Saharan Africa. It sounds quite exotic to say that my blurred gleam is Batley Park!

Bear is having drama with drama. I'm not exactly sure of the details, but I have been spending many hours waiting for him in a supermarket car park. Apparently he needs to do some sort of group work, which he has been rehearsing before and after school, but some vital members of the group are now self isolating. This means that they will have to fit the performance/marking after school as the timetable is moving on. On the whole, by and large and in general, I don't mind waiting in car parks for bear as I get quite a bit of knitting done, but I could do without it right now. 

And the people at the back have just started up another argument. It's a cracker. I can't quite make out the details but whether someone has told the truth or not seems to be in question. I'll put my headphones on. 

Hugs and good health to all. 

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  1. Looks like a nice walk. Oh no on the Bear thing. Hope he's okay. I used to hate group work. There always seems to be one or two who do all the work and the others who don't bother and then come in at the last minute to look like they've done everything! Horrible memories of school lol