Thursday 26 May 2022

Bewildered as Normal

Eileen - sorry to hear about your kindle. I hope you can get a replacement soon. I haven't used a kindle in years, as I use the app on my phone, so that may tide you over if you feel the need.

Kate - there is a main sewer down the middle of our street, a beck nearby, lots of untrimmed bushes and a gazillion and four takeaways near us. I also accept rats as a fact of life. I would prefer to deter them from too near the house, though. 

Bless - It was like the creature didn't even notice us!

Sharon - the plug in thingies have kept the rats and mice out of the house, despite the times when the neighbouring houses were empty. I recommend them. I don't recommend the noise ones for the garden. When I tried that last year, the rats were quite indifferent.

Cherie - we haven't seen them around apart from this time since we reorganised the garden, and the change to deter the rats was one of the reasons. There are quite a few pots around there. I shall have to keep moving them around.

After I posted yesterday, DH noticed that the rat seemed to have fallen asleep under the bird feeder. He went out, shouted and stamped next to it, and the rat barely reacted. I think it was either very old or perhaps had been poisoned. It ambled off eventually and we've all been watching for it ever since. I hope it has been okay (and not in our garden). I am going with age, and that it was a visit from one of the youngsters that visited last year.

Today has been a waiting game. Bear had a Schrodinger's rehearsal - it was both on and not on and I should be prepared to pick him up at both 3.30 and 5.30 until half of his dratted group worked out whether or not they were going to show up. As it was, bear had a late rehearsal and I got a lot of writing stuff done.

I've also been trying to catch up with blog posts. I suspect I have missed some, and I apologise. I always feel encouraged and energised by awesome bloggers. I'll try and make time to go back and have a really good browse. 

At the moment, I am so tired from the writing that I'm not exactly sure which way is up. I'll come back tomorrow and hopefully talk more sense. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I hope the rat does not return. Hope you are able to get some rest. :)

  2. I almost feel sorry for that poor little (big) rat. It doesn't know that it's loathed, it probably thinks it's a cuddly bunny :-)