Tuesday 3 May 2022

Catching Up

Cherie - you are a lifesaver with that advice about putting cardboard over weeds. Even DH couldn't get a fork into the ground and we were wondering what to do! Thank you!!!

Bless - heating bills have gone crazy here, in fact all power bills. Some bills have doubled or tripled overnight. We fixed our rate last September, so we haven't faced the worst of it yet, but we're being careful. Bear has been incredibly helpful in the garden, but I think his interest is in fixing the trellis in place and painting. I suspect that there may be a handyman streak in him - he always insists on putting furniture together for us. The trellis is really sturdy stuff, so was expensive, at least for me, but I think it will last for years.

Eileen - I had to look up mizuna as well, but DH likes it and it's fun to try stuff. Bear is just being so good and helping out. I don't know where we went right with him sometimes. I'm looking forward to trying the May challenge, thank you for setting them.

Patio - I'm still not sure how I resisted the bunny baskets. It was very close. 

Kate - cellulitis can be painful, but it can be dangerous. The first time I had it, back in 2014, I was visiting father in hospital and my leg had swollen up so much that I couldn't bend it to go up the hospital stairs. I ended up in A&E and then on IV antibiotics. I get it because I get eczema when I eat gluten, and then I scratch the eczema and then, if I'm not careful, it gets infected. I'd spent the previous months going to a GP who just kept giving me ineffective antibiotics and telling the nurses to keep changing my dressings. It was grim but that was eight years ago, and it's never been quite that bad since.

Sharon - It's great seeing everything come alive. Bear is definitely enjoying helping out.

And I wear my glasses far too much, but fortunately I'm sitting at a computer most of the day, so it could be worse.

Now to catch up. DH and bear put up the fan trellis on the other side of the garden (and did an amazing job)

I planted runner bean seedlings at the base. I wasn't impressed when they came, as they looked battered, as did the coriander seedlings. I suspect that if I had the time and the pots, I could have perhaps separated the seedlings into more plants. I will have to see how things go. 

And DH put in the bedding plants from B&M and tied the rose to the trellis. There aren't any obvious buds on it yet, but it's really prolific when it gets going and it carries through to December most years. I must remember to feed it.

And the garden is flourishing in general.

I'm going to have to prune back the fuchsia again soon and the sparrows will be livid. It's growing out over the paving stones which is a nuisance. 

My back has gone good and proper. I'm just trying to move around a little at regular intervals but then the muscles go into spasm. 

Bear has been practising the violin most of the weekend. He hadn't touched it for ages, and then he had a really good play. He's enjoying it so much and I'm so proud of him. We are talking about getting lessons for him again, but I'm worried about it fitting in with schoolwork. They are under such pressure. Mind you, I told bear that perhaps music would be a good break for him, and that, together with climbing, it would be a good way to relax among all the revision and exams. Bear is thinking about it. He is fifteen now. He has to have the biggest say in this. 

I am regularly reminded that DH and I made a choice with bear's school. It's outside the normal catchment area and in a different Local Authority. It is crazily academic, with lots of pressure for exams and they have people from Cambridge University visiting, among others, to promote further education. It's not an easy place if you struggle with schoolbook learning. On the other hand, bear is showing a lot of assurance and confidence that I am sure the school has fostered. Today he was asked to show some of the teachers interviewing for positions around the school. When we first went there, before he even passed the entrance exam, we were impressed by the maturity and composure of the kids who were showing parents around and giving directions. Now bear is one of them. We are lucky on all sorts of levels. All schools should be like this.

I sometimes look at him and wonder where it all came from. He went through some horrific times during his primary school, and then he had all the physical issues and hospital visits as he transistioned to high school. Now he's doing fine. I am so proud of him. I'm sure that all parents reading will understand - that moment when you look at your child and wonder how it all happened. I'm thinking of a few bloggers that I follow who have amazing, wonderful, incredible kids and I hope that bear will one day be like them. What ever happens, I'm sure that he will be very much himself. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Bear sounds like he's turning into a wonderful young man and you are rightly proud of him. All my garden is 'no dig' after watching a Morag Gambol video on you tube several years ago. It gave me the confidence to tackle my garden and now it feeds us all year round with very little effort.

  2. Thank you so much for explaining about your reluctance to turn on the heating, Lyssa. I hadn't realized that the cost of heating has gone up. I should have, I guess, because our rates have gone up, too, and I am constantly getting notifications from the natural gas company that I use more than my neighbors when it comes to using gas during the winter. But, I get cold very easily! We went up to 80F today and guess who was bundled up in her wool cardigan? :D
    Your garden is looking great! Those trellises look good and I'm sure the beans will grow up them in no time at all.
    Bear is growing up to be a pretty awesome young man and you definitely have to be proud of him. I don't even know him, except through your blog, and I feel proud of him! :D