Friday 6 May 2022

Tomorrow is Going to be a Long Week

Passing through in haste.

Cherie - the hard work was all DH and bear. I am so impressed with them.

Eileen - bear is planning on just getting violin lessons, but I think that he will occasionally practice the piano. I'm good as long as it's a break from schoolwork. I hope our garden can turn out almost as good as yours.

Bless - My back goes now and again. I tore some muscles there around thirty years ago and the combination of lack of exercise, being grossly overweight and being top heavy means that now and again it goes. Unfortunately I pushed it a bit the last few weekends and it's complaining. Too many bits of me hurt! The beds are lovely and neat because the men were in charge - they have worked so hard and I am so grateful. I feel the cold as well, so I quite often have a blanket, sweater, shawl combination while the men are quite comfortable. And thank you for the compliments for bear. I don't feel I can take credit, as I think that he managed it mainly by himself, but I adore him completely, and that has to count for something.

I forgot all about the blog yesterday, and I have just remembered it now, so I thought that I would whizz in and catch up. 

I'm half way through the blanket I planned to knit during Lent. Lent may have finished some time ago, but the blanket carries on. I suspect that it will turn long and narrow. I plan to donate it to the Salvation Army when it is finally finished, as I know that they have been taking aid to Ukraine, and that they also help the homeless and the disadvantaged. Whatever they do, I'm fairly confident that the result of the blanket will be that someone gets help. 

I've found some iron trellis. I can't remember buying it. I'll worry about it later.

The men want to rearrange various rooms to allow for piano practice, music practice and generally less stuff. They also want to put down the cardboard and compost and plant the beds. This means that I will be dashing around finding stuff for them and my back will be completely finished by the end of the day. It will be absolutely worth it, though. 

I've also emailed a violin teacher for bear, so fingers crossed he gets a tutor. 

I'll catch up properly probably on Sunday. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Oh dear, that poor back of yours sounds dreadfully painful. Does the weather affect it? Hopefully as it warms up the pain will ease.

  2. Sounds like you are having some busy days! Donating the blanket when you've finished making it is a very kind and generous thing to do. I know it will help the person who receives it. I put down cardboard in the side yard and in some of the flower beds, myself, to keep the weeds down. It works!

  3. I'd let the men get on with it and reorganise rooms until they get it out of their system. If they do as good a job on the rooms as they did in the garden you have nothing to lose.

    Hope you can find a violin tutor for Bear

  4. Well done for keeping going with the blanket. At least you are going to finish it and it is going to a good cause. I wish husband had more ambition about doing things around the house. I have so much to catch up on. My house is so messy right now it is beginning to cause me stress!