Tuesday 31 May 2022

Bear Had Fun

Cherie - the only other bag I fancied in TK Maxx was £105, and I daresay there were more expensive ones as well. I have no idea what a bag costs these days. I just have a sense of How much?!!!!!

Eileen - I'm not a fan of too many pockets myself. I can see me spending the next few weeks rummaging frantically through zipped partitions while I mutter darkly to myself.

I feel weary to the bone. I have no idea why. Perhaps it's the weather. I also seem to have been hanging around waiting for other stuff to happen, which is never helpful. 

DH had to go in to work today. It's a shock to the system after working from home for over two years. He has a system, and he's used to it. His productivity has gone up amazingly and he is much happy now that his comute is a wander across a room instead of three hours out of his day. It was odd without him here.

Bear met up with a new violin teacher today. We were lucky to get a chance to meet as she has a very packed schedule. He'll be starting full time lessons in September, but he had a great time, and seemed to really blossom. The teacher seemed happy with bear and very much approved of his attitude. I am so proud of him. He was just so assured, playing in front of someone for the first time. He didn't get everything right, of course, but he listened, paid attention, made notes and is happy to work on stuff. The drive there and back, though, was grim. Lots of rush hour traffic, weird parking and awkward turns - and I took the easy route!

I am definitely feeling 'that way out', like a cat with their ears on sideways. I think I'll sit down and get some notes made while I'm in a reflective sort of mood. I need to start living up to bear. 

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Was the going in to work a one off or the end of working at home? Most of my friends who are still working have been lucky enough to negotiate working from home full time and they prefer it.

    Glad to hear Bear enjoyed meeting his new violin teacher. I'm impressed that he made notes ... that's a very good sign!

  2. How exciting for Bear! It sounds as though things are going to work out with the teacher.

    It must seem strange for husband too having to go into work. Daughter's work decided to continue with all working from home as they found productivity increased. She works in loss prevention at a financial institute so all her work is done on the computer.

  3. Will your husband have to go into the office in person from now on? I hear that a lot of people are complaining about it with added commute time, increased cost of gas/petrol/bus passes, etc.
    Glad Bear had a good meeting with the new violin teacher! :)