Sunday 8 May 2022

Still Ouch

Eileen - garden continues awesome, but DH was exhausted and I can't move, so bear did most of what was done and I'll have to sort out the havoc left behind later.

Bless - I suppose that it's important to me to do at least something. I'm useless at giving things up for Lent as I have the willpower of well-washed tissue paper, so I feel that at least I can do something that helps others. 

Cherie - it's all in the muscle. If I could lose weight and move more, I'd have far less problems, so I need to get myself sorted. It's been worse than usual, though. 

I hope that we've found someone for bear. I spoke to them yesterday and she seemed lovely and very understanding. She also seems incredibly busy, so we have a meeting at half term and then we will be fitting in via cancellations and gaps until September.

Bear cleared an appropriate space, brought the piano back down, set up a music stand and has spent most of the day practising the violin and the piano. He was even using two hands for the piano after not playing for ages. I'm not saying that he was playing complicated stuff, but he was going for it. When I think of how I struggled to get him to practice a few years ago, I'm stunned. I hadn't mentioned music at all to him. It's all coming from him. He has been an absolute sweetie this weekend and has been wonderful helping me out.

Lots of muscles are complaining at the moment. I suspect that it's because I slept funny and there's back issues and such. I'm working on the principle that I need to pull myself together. 


  1. Maybe a good massage would help with the poorly back muscles. Tell your other half you'd like a good muscle rub.

  2. Good for Bear! Sounds like you are raising a lovely son. I hope the teacher works out okay.

  3. I hope Bear gets on well with the new violin teacher. It's always difficult to find a good teacher who has spaces for new pupils at this time in the academic year so you've been lucky to find someone. Do you think he will practice this time round?

  4. Bear sounds motivated to continue with his music and that has to be good! Hope you feel better, soon.