Monday 30 May 2022

I Shopped.

 Bless - there has been no sign of the rat. I feel like an evening of knitting wouldn't be a bad thing.

Eileen - I'm not sure I can cope with potholing. I find the climbing quite terrifying enough.

I found a hole in my handbag today. It cost £4 from a charity shop, and I got it well before the first lockdown. It's the only bag I use and I think it's worn well. I used it for the Winter Scavenger Hunt Photo Challenge as something I used everyday. And I do! This is it, looking less battered than it has any right to. The hole is in a corner - not yet big enough for my purse to fall out, but a threat to any coins.

Today I called in at Tesco to pick up cheese and on the way back called in at TK Maxx. I couldn't find the new handbag that I had got. My heart wasn't really in it. I ended up getting this. It was £29.99 and is rather over endowed with pockets. It will do, it's about the same size as the old one and will keep me going. 

Bear is near a mental collapse with the dratted revision. I'm encouraging him to practice his music and he went for a walk which helped. There is a new climbing wall opening up soon, and I said that I would take him as often as he liked. The combination of music and exercise will hopefully help. He's making a lot of notes. School are really strict about the revision and bear is taking it very much to heart. 

I'll keep the fuss coming for him. It's all I can do for now.

Writing stuff - today's installment is a little longer than normal, though I hope still a good, snappy length. You can find it here Company for Dinner

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I love a bag with loads of pockets... and that's the same price Tony paid for my new bag so it must be a kind of decent average.

  2. Very nice new bag! I'm pretty useless with bags that have lots of pockets ... I can never remember where I've put things ­čśé

  3. Poor Bear. I hope he is doing a little better. It really is a stressful time.

    Nice bag. I must admit that I don't very often carry one. I had just one but I took a couple I'd found at Jane's house that caught my eye.

  4. I like your new handbag! I love a bag with many pockets! I carry too many things in my purse and it is always a problem to find one that is big enough, had a shoulder strap, etc.
    Good luck to Bear with his revisions!