Monday 2 May 2022

Photo Challenge - Spring

Eileen sets awesome photo challenges and here is my response to 'Spring'. It is somewhat limp, as I have had a rather rocky month, and I don't feel that I have risen to the awesomeness of Eileen's challenge. I failed to find a mechanical spring or walk up to the hill where there is usually a spring of water. The first pic is the one taken on the 1st of April and is, to my mind, quite typical of a British Spring.

As you can tell, for me, Spring is about mainly about flowers, with the occasional bunny and wedding thrown in. I can't wait to see the next challenge. 


  1. You have lots of spring flower choice but oh those bunny baskets are adorable.

  2. Your first photo made me laugh and really sums up how changeable the UK spring weather can be! I love your blossom photo and the final bluebell one.

    Many thanks for joining in. The May challenge is 'beginning with I'.

  3. I think you did the spring theme proud! Lovely photos! I especially like the apple blossom.

  4. Definitely says spring to me! We are finally starting to see some flowers popping out around here and it certainly makes me thing of longer, warmer days (though the weather doesn't seem to be cooperating!)