Friday 29 April 2022


Sharon - thank you. I can see me fighting to keep that rose bush against the forces of rust, ants and aphids. I am also perimenopausal, but I think that the cellulitis took it out of me. I'm hoping that I pick up soon.

Cherie - I'm planning on as little dig as possible. I was just trying to loosen the dirt around the dandelions and the small bramble. I'll have to take some pics. It really was like iron - I could barely get the fork into it.

Eileen - I swear that the bag was wrongly labelled as I can't lift 15kg. It was heavy enough, though, and I was glad that DH unloaded it. 

I pottered around a little today. I called in at B&M Bargains as they have a garden centre in Batley and the plants are quite nice looking. I picked up some random bedding plants, some windowsill mizuna kits and a sturdy dustpan and brush for the garden. I didn't get anything planted out, as I was feeling quite shattered, so I will have to get cracking tomorrow. Hopefully this means that we will miss the frost. 

As I waited for bear, I noticed that the giant hogweed in Morrisons car park had grown. It looked healthier than most of the bedding plants they were selling!

I am sitting wrapped in a shawl and blanket, trying to resist putting the fire on. I must look a fright. I should nip upstairs and pick up my dressing gown as it's lovely and fluffy and warm. Together with a hotwater bottle, I should be able to avoid putting the fire on before bed.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Put a good thick layer of cardboard on top of the weeds and greenery. An inch or two of compost on top is enough to get growing and the cardboards rots away eventually adding more compost to the ground.

  2. Is there any particular reason you are resisting turning the heating on? I hope you are able to get warmed up. I'll happily go without air conditioning when it is 90F+ indoors, but, I refuse to be cold!

  3. I had to google 'mizuna' to see what it is. Good luck with your kits and hope they do well.