Friday 27 May 2022

Very Windy Here!

Bless - no sign of the rat. The garden is now too exposed and there is too much activity for most rats.

Just Jane - DH's biggest fear is that the rat passes away somewhere in a corner of the garden and we have to rummage for the remains! I am not up to seeing a crow having a rat dinner just now.

There have been no further rat sightings, and I am happy about that. Instead there have been a lot of birds. I suspect that the weather has had a lot to do with it as the wind has been intense and the bird feeder is an easy place to get food. The wind has been bad enough that it was affecting the car on the school run, so I thought it might put some of the birds off coming around. Instead, every time I looked out the window I saw something small and feathered whizz past at mach 2. Any time I went near to the window or porch, there was a cloud of birds. The sparrow squadron was well represented, there were far too many pigeons and the robin showed up, of course. There were also quite a few blackbirds around, which I don't usually see. 

Checking back, I don't think that all of my comments on blogs have been saved. I will go back again and see what I have missed. You are all awesome.

I've spent most of the day on writing stuff. I know I won't have much chance over the next week as bear is on holiday and DH has Thursday and Friday off. I haven't taken any pics for a while, so I thought that, instead of leaving the post without a pic, I'd go back and find a favourite pic from Batley Park

Hugs and good health to all.


  1. I am sure that birds know when the weather is turning. Anytime there is rain coming or a winter storm the birds flock to our feeders like crazy! In winter I always know when a bad storm is coming by the amount of activity at the feeders.

    Are you going something fun next week when husband and son are off?

  2. Glad to hear that the rat hasn't been seen again ... long may that continue.

    I don't think all of my comments are getting through on every blog so you're not alone, and I've read that others saying the same.

  3. Hope you don't see that rat (or any others) again! Enjoy bear being on holiday and some family time when DH is off work, as well. :)