Wednesday, 13 July 2022

A Good Day for Bear

Bless - I suspect that your version of hot and my version of hot are very different. If you were here, there would be a chance that you would wear a cardigan or wrap as it's currently in the 70sF. 

Eileen - I don't want to give bear excuses, but he has had three separate English teachers this term alone. The teaching has been horrifically hit and miss for English, and DH and I can't help because we don't understand the way that the questions are laid out. I think I'm going to be doing some revision over the summer.

Cherie - I spent a lot of today sitting in the cellar. 

I did a load of washing today - I used the 'fast wash' 30C cycle and just kept putting stuff in the washer and then out on the clothes airer and dryer. I put up a new rotary dryer today - I came second and I suspect that I wasted my money, but any replacement will have to wait. 

One reason that any further spends on dryers will have to wait is that I spotted where the pigeons are coming in to the house. There is a loose tile which the pigeons seem to be using almost like a cat flap. I'm going to have to try and sort it before winter because if it isn't letting in water now, it will soon. And it's right on the top of the roof, which will mean scaffolding - it's over forty feet above ground level. 

You can see the white splash near the roof ridge - that's just below the pigeon flap.

Also my feet and knees feel on fire. I can't move!

But bear had an awesome day. First of all he got his report - he got a really amazing report (apart from English) and totally rocked his Computer Science exam. I am so proud of him. Then we had a violin lesson and the teacher said that she may put him in for Grade 4 later, which is amazing. Bear is loving the violin, and really enjoyed the lesson. I'm sneakily pleased that he may get some grades for music because it can help with university applications. I am also incredibly proud of bear. He hasn't had a lot of violin lessons, but he has really blossomed and practised so much. 

Now I am about to limp off to bed - if I can manage the stairs!

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. Oh no. I hope you manage to sleep tonight. Well done to Bear. He's sounds like an amazing young man

  2. You might have a point there about the temperature difference, Lyssa. It was in the mid-80s (F), today, and I felt quite comfortable. :D 70s is "cool" for me. Congratulations to bear on his report card (except for English!) Well done with the violin playing, too! Hope you can get that pigeon flap taken care of!

  3. Hopefully the school will get their act together next school year and he will get some consistent teaching in the subject. Something to raise at patent meeting maybe?