Thursday, 14 July 2022

Another Good Day for Bear

I found a load of comments in the spam folder. There were some lovely, warming, encouraging and supporting comments and I am so sorry that I missed them. I apologise for not replying. They go back quite a few months, so I made the call not to respond to the older ones, but they all felt like hugs and were all very much appreciated. I will be checking my spam folder in future. Thank you to anyone who is kind enough to leave a comment. I reply to all those I see, so those that got no reply were absolutely ones that I missed. I'm sorry. 

Cherie - thank you! I think I will sleep a little better now that it's cooler here.

Bless - thank you! I think that you can get accustomed to temperature, so that what is 'normal' to one person is 'ridiculous' to another, depending on where they live. It's also incredibly humid here, which doesn't help, and our homes are designed to keep heat in. Also, Brits are really good at grumbling about the weather lol.

Eileen - it's really hard because his English score is so low compared to his other subjects. Bear told me that there had been a new head of department and then a resignation of 8 or 9 teachers. I hope that it settles down soon. If necessary, we'll look at tutors. It's silly, but English GCSE is a big deal and if that is low when everything else is high then it could perhaps cause problems. I don't want to take the view that it can't possibly be bear's fault, because it absolutely could. I think he struggles a little with essays. On the other hand, he seems to be able to understand all the texts and make useful comments on them to DH and I. 

It was parent's evening tonight, done online. I think doing it online makes things so much easier. I didn't make an appointment for English, as there will be a new teacher next term and I shall speak to them then if necessary. Apparently no-one, including bear, got above a 5. Bear got some stonkingly good marks otherwise, so I'm not entirely ready to blame him. I worry that I indulge him too much, but I want to be encouraging. 

(as a side note, I got the best grades in the 6th form overall for my A levels, back sometime in the stone age. I got an A for History and General Studies, a B for English and a D for French. That D was the highest mark anyone in that class got for French. When I told my mother the results, her reaction was to complain that I should have done better in French and she completely ignored my other marks. I don't want to be like my mother)

We had appointments with Maths (teacher happy), Physics (teacher very happy), Computer Science (teacher very happy), History (bear did okay but can do better, teacher happy) and careers (happy). I was so pleased because they talked about positive, open, hardworking behaviour and a good attitude. I am more proud of those than his marks (though he did pretty well in the tests - apart from that dratted English!). I shall definitely have to find a good reward for him.

Hugs and good health to all. 


  1. I've been finding several comments in my spam folder, too! I'm now making it a point to check it every couple of days!
    Sounds like a wonderful parents' night and it's good to see bear's teachers making a note of his positive characteristics as well as academic abilities.
    Humidity always raises the actual temperatures by at least 10 degrees, in my opinion! So, yes, if it is 70F and humid, then, it feels like 80F!

  2. It's reassuring in a way that his English mark was in line with the rest of the class which suggests that there's a possibility it was down to strict low marking across the board rather than lack of ability on Bear's part.